Best of Brandsworth 2014 - The Year of Brand Management

What a year 2014 has been for Brandsworth! We've built a branding agency for startups from the ground up, worked on some great brand identity development projects for numerous entrepreneurs across a range of sectors, and created many logo designs of which we are truly proud (some of which you can see in our brand portfolio).

On top of this success, the Brandsworth Blog has gone from strength to strength too. In case you missed them the first time around, here are the most popular articles from 2014 - almost all of them on the subject of brand management.

 Brand Management 2014

Top Articles of 2014

1)  3 Things Your Startup Needs More Than A Logo

2)  What Every Startup Needs To Know About Brand Architecture

3)  Life After Logo: 5 Things You Must Do To Maintain Your Brand (This also has the dubious honour of being our most plagiarized article of the year!)

4)  Applying The Percy Principles To Brand Design

5)  50 Signs That Your Brand Identity Is A Shocking Failure


Clearly the people have spoken, and you can expect a lot more brand management insights in 2015. Thanks for reading and supporting our little branding blog, and Happy New Year!