The Best of Branding - January 2015

There have been some great articles published on the subject of branding this month. In case you missed them, these are some of our favourites.

18 Different Types of Brand - Branding Strategy Insider

A brand is no longer just a brand, it seems. Recent years have seen terms like 'personal brand', 'investor brand' and 'employer brand' introduced into the business lexicon. Mark di Somma neatly explains what they all mean.

We often talk about “brand” as if it is one thing. It’s not of course - in fact, the meaning and the use of the term differs, quite markedly, depending on the context. By my reckoning, brand is categorized in at least 18 different ways. (So much for the single minded proposition!).

Be True To Yourself - Transform Magazine

If you're looking to understand the concept of the 'brand voice' then this article provides an excellent introduction, with great examples from Apple and Microsoft.

The language brands use is not only exemplary of their communications strategies, but is derived from the personality, nature and identity of the company itself. Ruth Wyatt explains why it’s important to maintain consistency and authenticity.

What is branding? Thoughts from Wolff Olins global CEO Ije Nwokorie - Design Week

An intriguing exploration of the myriad definitions of branding, by someone who understands the concept better than most. If you have any interest in branding at all then you're guaranteed to enjoy this insightful video interview.

Branding sits at the juxtaposition of commerce, culture, technology and society – all these rich meaningful things. It is as fluid as a mark that people can remember and it is big enough that it can absolutely change what a city or a country is about.

Being Distinctive With "Defining Gestures" - The Brandgym Blog

Service based business will get a lot out of this short but thought provoking piece that looks at some best practices for engaging customers with your brand.

Defining gestures are codified demonstrations of the brand’s distinctiveness that are hard wired into the service experience. Strong defining gestures remind the customer of what the brand stands for and why they should choose to use it.