The Best Of Branding - May 2015

There have been some great articles published in the world of branding this month. In case you missed them, here are some of our favourites.

Shifting Brand Responsibility - Branding Strategy Insider

Let me make a suggestion to brand owners in the interests not just of transparency but of greater consumer belief. Stop communicating your efforts in sustainability, diversity, traceability, environmental contribution, fair trade etc as corporate social responsibility obligations. Instead, act on them, and account for them, as differentiating inclinations.

And frame those inclinations within a broader, singular superset: your brand’s distinctive sense of its responsibilities.
— Mark Di Somma

In case you didn’t know, Kim K’s most famous “brand partnership” is her marriage to pop star Kanye West. This was a carefully thought through alliance, based on the fact that her future husband had a first name that also started with a “K” ;-) This protects the K part of the brand identity, with her sisters called Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie and Khloé and her mum Kris.
— David Taylor

Packaging is a great opportunity to communicate what your brand stands for and make customers feel good about choosing it.

Brands can achieve this multiple ways: by writing inspiring copy, carefully selecting packaging materials (a common practice among eco-friendly brands), or through unique design and functionality.

Apple pays as much attention to its packaging as it does to its products and marketing message. I still have all the packages my iPhone, iPad and Mac Book came in, and remember the great experience I had opening them for the first time.
— Michael Baicoianu