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Before we begin the brand development process, you'll have the opportunity to benefit from an informal telephone consultation with an experienced brand identity consultant. This gives us the chance to get to know you and discover your personality, outlook and passion. We'll talk you through our process, discuss your startup plans, and help you decide which of our packages is the right choice for you. We don't believe in the hard sell, and you won't be pressured into signing up to anything on the spot.

Online Form Access & Ongoing Email Consultation

Our streamlined brand development process is guided by a series of comprehensive online forms, each meticulously designed to draw out the crucial information we need from you at each stage. The contents range from basic queries about your business and target market to more esoteric questions that will encourage you to think about your business from a fresh perspective and help spark our creative process. You'll also provide feedback on the proposals we deliver via an online feedback form.

All our forms are dynamic and will adapt based on the answers you provide, ensuring that you're able to provide precisely the material we need to deliver your project - no more, no less.

You'll also be assigned a brand identity consultant that you can contact at any time via email to provide additional information and discuss any questions that might arise during the process.

Weekly Telephone Consultation

Collecting information via our online forms and delivering material by email is an efficient process, but for larger projects it can help to touch base regularly with a regularly scheduled weekly telephone consultation.

This can help our clients to provide more nuanced feedback, discuss options, solicit on the spot recommendations and benefit more extensively from the expertise of the assigned brand identity consultant. It also provides a great opportunity for us to update you on the status of your project, discuss the progress that's been made in the previous week and look ahead to the next stage.

Mission, Vision & Values

Your brand's mission, vision and values not only help your customers to understand and engage with your brand, but will help to shape and guide your business in the years ahead. Brandsworth will help you develop a Mission Statement, Vision Statement and a set of Brand Values that will support you in achieving these objectives.

Your brand’s mission can be thought of as your practical medium-term objective. It should underpin all of your day-to-day business activities and strategic planning. Vision can be thought of as your inspirational and aspirational long-term goal. It should underpin every aspect of your culture, communications and visual identity. Values help guide the actions through which your mission and vision will be achieved. They also signal that there is more to your organisation than commercial self interest, and that you are an asset to your community.

Values Write-Up

Expanding on your Brand Values to explain why you hold them, what they mean to you and what they mean for your customers can help to build an even deeper connection between your brand and its audience, whilst laying even stronger foundations for a vibrant brand culture both within your organisation and beyond. To achieve this, we provide a concise, inspiring write-up representing each of your brand values.

Tone of Voice

Unlike Mission, Vision and Values, which have both internal and external applications, tone of voice is intended primarily as a guide for those within your organisation.

Tone of voice sets out the way in which staff and colleagues should communicate with customers and other external parties. It can and should influence everything from the text displayed on your website to the way in which you greet your customers, and from the tone of your email correspondence to the script writing for your advertising campaigns.

We deliver a concise set of tone of voice recommendations designed to help you create consistent and on-brand communications.

Brand Story

The purpose of a Brand Story is to set out the nature of your business and the character of your brand, whilst also helping to define a differentiated approach that customers will find relevant and engaging.

As the name suggests, the Brand Story represents the starting point of a narrative that should continue across every future brand communication; the prologue to a story that you will continue to tell and refine across your various product launches, campaigns, initiatives and social media platforms.

The Brand Story is not primarily intended as a marketing blurb. While in many cases it will be appropriate to touch on the specific features or benefits of current products, these should not dominate the narrative in order to ensure that your Brand Story is both emotive and future proof.

Positioning Strategy & Rationale

The very best Mission Statements, Vision Statements and Values are rooted in a robust underlying positioning strategy with a strong and carefully considered rationale.

Packages that include this component allow us to delve more deeply into your brand's positioning strategy, and present you with a detailed rationale for the Mission, Vision, Values and Brand Story that we propose. In this way we can deliver a more holistic set of written materials that provide an even stronger platform from which to understand and manage your brand in the years ahead.

Logo Design

At Brandsworth, logo development is more than just design. When all of your brand's written material has been completed and approved, the underlying identity will have been firmly established. All of the subsequent design work will develop organically from this identity, as well as being influenced by the design preferences and requirements that you communicate to us. Taken as a whole, the design material that we produce for your brand is known as the 'visual identity', and the first step is the creation of your brand's logo.

We create 3 unique logo design options for your startup, each one developed using a different rationale and approach so that you have a real choice. We often call upon the talents of multiple experienced designers to ensure that a wide range of approaches are considered. Your logo files will be supplied to you in a wide range of common file formats, ready to be deployed across all of your brand materials in both digital and print.

Brand Guidelines

Bespoke Visual Identity Design

Perhaps more so than any other service that we provide, a set of Brand Guidelines can really help a small business present itself with the consistency, quality and impact that customers would usually expect of a much larger and more established organisation.

A Brand Guidelines document can be the difference between a good brand and a great one. Its purpose is to guide you and others through the process of designing and delivering consistent brand communications and materials. The document itself will be designed as per these same specifications, communicating your brand's visual identity at a glance.

This package includes a fully bespoke visual identity, designed and developed from scratch to represent your brand's unique character, generally using your approved logo design as a starting point. Your brand will stand head and shoulders above your competitors and be instantly recognisable to your customers with a distinctive look that your business can take full ownership of.

Brand Guidelines

Identity Write-Up, Logo Usage Guide, Colour Palettes & Codes, Typestyle & Fonts

Your Brand Guidelines document will include 2 key sections; About Us and Elements. About Us is a summary of your brand’s personality, identity and positioning, which consolidates the written material developed for your brand earlier in the process.

Elements outlines the visual aspects of your brand identity which, used together, make your business an instantly recognisable brand. It includes specifications for your colour palettes and typestyle. This covers colour codes such as RGB, CMYK, HEX and Pantone. You'll also receive the font files for your brand's typestyle, which can be easily installed and used on any computer.

The Elements section also includes a logo usage guide. It purpose is to ensure that your logo is displayed consistently and effectively across all formats and media, in every conceivable situation, whether online or in print. The logo usage guide includes details on exclusion zones, minimum display size, greyscale versions and prohibited practices.

Brand Guidelines

Applications & Mockups

This package adds a third section to the Brand Guidelines document; Applications & Mockups. This section provides visual examples of how your branding might be applied across various materials, which may include clothing, vehicles, promotional materials and merchandise.

The visual applications that we show will be appropriate to the nature of your business, and will give you a clear sense of how your brand's visual identity will look in practice.

Image Library & Filter Enhancement

Having great photography to drawn upon when designing and developing your brand's communication platforms and promotional materials goes a long way towards setting your business apart and conveying a sense of quality.

We can help you put together a selection of quality stock images drawn from one of the world's biggest and best online libraries. Where appropriate, we will also apply filters and effects to help draw the images together in style and tone, allowing them to complement your visual identity even more effectively.

The Hotshot Package includes a library of 5 stock images.

Photography Style Guide

The purpose of your photography style guide is to facilitate on-brand visual communications in any context that requires a photographic image.

The photography style guide will demonstrate a consistent approach to lighting, composition, colour palette and mood. We will utilise models, props and settings that embody the spirit of our brand. The guide will be invaluable whether you’re selecting stock photographs or commissioning a photo shoot.

All of the images included in the photography style guide will be included in your image library for future use, and will also feature in other materials developed for you by Brandsworth.

Brand Collateral Design

Business Card, Letterhead, Compliment Slip, Email Signature, Social Media Graphics

There are certain key materials that every startup or small business needs, and this collection of professionally designed brand collaterals will allow you to start giving the right impression from day one.

You'll receive designs for a 2-sided 55mm x 85mm business card, an A4 letterhead, a DL compliment slip, a digital email signature in JPEG format and social media profile graphics for all major platforms. Your collaterals will be designed as per the visual identity and specifications presented in your brand guidelines.

The Hotshot Package includes adaptations of your business card and email signature designs for up to 5 individuals.

Custom Graphics Set

Graphics and icons are a stylish and effective method for visually communicating a wide range of concepts. We will up to 5 original icons to match the visual identity set out in your brand guidelines.

The concept that your graphics are designed to communicate is entirely up to you. It could be something as simple as contact icons (telephone, email, web, etc) or something completely original to represent your range of products and services. They could represent different departments within your organisation, different services you offer or different categories of product. If the service you deliver is split into a number of stages, each icon might be used to represent one of these stages.

Your graphics files will be supplied to you in a wide range of common file formats, ready to be deployed across all of your brand materials in both digital and print.

Website Design


A quality website is a vitally important shop window for most startups, and will be the first port of call for many of your potential customers. It's crucial that your website is attractive, user-friendly and modern, and that's precisely what we deliver.

We use the Squarespace development platform to design and build a website that reflects the style and specifications set out in your brand guidelines. Squarespace ensures that your website functions beautifully on every platform, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones. We begin by selecting a template that closely matches your aesthetic preferences, then adapt it to reflect your brand's visual identity. While this doesn't provide quite the same fine degree of control over the design and layout as building a website from scratch, Squarespace templates offer the perfect mix of quality, reliability, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness that a startup needs.

Your Squarespace website can incorporate a wide range of functions and content including gorgeous landing pages, blogs, galleries, events pages, videos, calendars, social media feeds and much more. In terms of the written content, we'll need you to provide us with detailed information on what to include, ideally in the form of a rough write-up - we'll proofread and edit it as required to reflect the high standard of communication you expect for your brand, and to match your brand's tone of voice. We even take care of the technical side, ensuring that your website is correctly linked to your domain name and implementing on-site keyword optimisation to help you rank more highly in search engines. Packages that feature website design also include your first year of subscription fees to the Squarespace platform.

The Hotshot Package includes design and implementation for up to 5 pages.

If you plan to sell products through your website, you'll also need to invest in our Website Ecommerce Upgrade service.

Click here to find out more about Squarespace and decide if it's the right fit for your business' requirements.


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